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U.S. Beef to China, a Long Journey to Go?

5 months later since U.S. China Beef Protocol had reached, U.S. beef still is rare in China market.

Meaning of “Guanxi”

The concept of “Guanxi” and its historical context in Chinese culture, has to be examined so there is no misunderstanding of the meaning of “Guanxi” in reality.

China Issued Opinions on Pushing Legal Consultant System, Public and Corporate Counsel System

The Opinion would significantly improve the governmental practice by complying with rule of law.

Most Strict Rule for College Entrance Exam Approaching in China

Even though student related to criminal offense might receive lighter sentence, to upgrade offense to crime is questionable.

Case study has become essential part for lawyering in China

With recent judicial reform, precedents now have become essential part of Chinese legal system.

China Circularized an Action Plan for Soil Contamination Prevention and Treatment

The core of Ten Articles is to provide policy guidance for improving the soil quality and to provide a safer natural environment for Chinese people.

China’s Foreign NGO Law, Unraveled

China's new law “Administration of Activities of Overseas Non-Governmental Organizations within the Territory of China.”

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