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China's New Law for Its Jury System

The new law addresses the formalistic nature of the jury system implemented in the past and attempts to improve the juror’s quality and participation in qualified case.

China Has No Law Forcing Foreign Companies to Transfer Technology

China allows investors to use equipment, IPRs, know-how and other proprietary rights as the alternatives to capital contribution.

Meaning of “Guanxi”

The concept of “Guanxi” and its historical context in Chinese culture, has to be examined so there is no misunderstanding of the meaning of “Guanxi” in reality.

China Issued Opinions on Pushing Legal Consultant System, Public and Corporate Counsel System

The Opinion would significantly improve the governmental practice by complying with rule of law.

Case study has become essential part for lawyering in China

With recent judicial reform, precedents now have become essential part of Chinese legal system.

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