China Legal Risk Management Program

Through our interaction and close working relationship with some local businesses, chambers, partnerships and economic development authorities in Midwest, we have come to a conclusion that small and medium size businesses are the most vulnerable group in managing their legal affairs when working on China related transactions. Many problems come from lack of legal knowledge or awareness of unique Chinese business culture, which eventually might trouble some businesses in issues such as sourcing practice and management, IP infringement, regulatory or trade compliance, China market entry. We feel many of those issues could be avoided or prevented through proper legal advice before the problem comes to exist. 


We believe our expertise, practice experience and understanding of where the legal risk exists in China can help businesses to address those issues. Therefore, we have created a China Legal Risk Management Program(“CLRMP”) for those who needs advice on China related legal or business issues from time to time. Through CLRMP, participants can get proper advice how to do business in or with China. 


CLRMP is an advisory program for the businesses by answering legal and policy questions and by advising proper legal solutions under the China law and international law environment. Based on type of participants, CLRMP includes 2 participation categories: (1) Individual Category for individual business participants; (2) Group Category for organizations with a group of individual business participants.


CLRMP is the best for individuals who have business tie with China and want to keep everything under control by paying small program participation fees. It is also a good solution for chambers, partnerships, economic development authorities and other similar entities serving large number of members who have the needs of professional China law legal advice due to the fact that they have been working with China or are interested in expanding their business to China market.


For more details about our CLRMP, please check FAQs page for CLRMP, or send us an inquiry about how to participate in this program.


​Please download and fill the Questionnaire for participating CLRMP.

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