China Trade Policy

Globalization has not just been a progress but a fact. Industrialization in emerging markets, global sourcing shifting and manufacturing relocation have become a trend and global phenomenon. Ignoring these facts could be a big mistake for businesses in international supply chain. As trade balance and trade tension have dynamically impacted each country manufacturing industry and technology development, compliance of trade policies has become more and more complex.

In recent years, China, as second largest economy in the world, has gained more negotiation power in term of making and executing its own trade policies. Meanwhile, to comply WTO rules and meet other countries’ expectations, China’s trade policy remains open but dynamic in its interaction with other countries’ reciprocal treatment. Chinese government plays active role in promoting and pushing its economic development, which introduces different ways from others in policy making process. Nonetheless, however, the judicial reform, anti-corruption efforts, compliance with WTO rules have pushed governmental practice to be more transparent and more rule-of-law oriented.

As the fastest growing economy, China offers more business opportunities to the world. However, many international businesses believe their unfamiliarity to China’s legal system and  business culture are steep challenges to getting into China market. With native Chinese legal consultant working in the U.S. and understanding both the U.S. and China law, we provide “door” service to clients. Once inside the “door”, we are supported by home office and our professional network in China. We are experienced in China’s governmental practice, trade policies, import & export regulations, foreign exchange policies, IP protection as well as dispute resolution related to international trading business.

Our services in international trade policy advising:

  • Trade policy advising;

  • Trade compliance

  • Obtaining permits, quota or licenses;

  • Import regulations and export controls;

  • WTO rules related trade disputes in China;

  • Representation in administrative, court and arbitral proceedings;

  • Other trade disputes;

  • ...

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