China-US Business Consulting Services

As the first and the second largest economy, between China and US, we see more opportunities than any other places. China is a manufacturing powerhouse and cradle of incubating and experiencing new ideas; and US is a powerhouse of creativities and innovations. China has a huge consumer market and its increasing capacities of consumption is no second to others; and US has a huge output of business management, science and technologyresearch and development, product creatives and financial resources. Between two countries, we see a huge compensational market when resources are fully exploited to their best potentials. 

We know both markets. Through our professional network in both countries, we see more business opportunities coming from different sectors, including agriculture, fishery, manufacturing, medical, entertainment, tourism, aviation, financial industry and more. We work with professionals and other organizations to discover and locate resources and then facilitate business opportunities. 

We carefully select projects, understand business objective of each one of them, and find most reliable resources to match the needs from both sides. We have found successful business relationship exists and only lasts long with mutual understanding, friendly working relationship, and in win-win situations.

To facilitate the transactions, we continuously expand our professional network, by which the opportunities could be filtered and selected by business partners. Please become part of our network by joining our mailing list. We will send the business opportunities to you from time to time.

If you are interested to become part of this business facilitation process, please go to Resources page to fill an Application Form. Let’s make something happen together.

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