Dispute Resolutions

Like other jurisdictions, most litigation cases in China are ended at the appellate courts. Many people see Chinese judicial system very different from others because it is influenced by China’s political system and ideology. But which judicial system is not influenced by its own political system? When we look at another country’s judicial system, we must observe that country’s history, legal tradition and cultural heritage. China has made its choice and her legal system is on its way to adjust, reform and evolve. We see China is a country that is more willing to learn, take over, absorb, and apply other countries’ legal essence to its judicial reform and practice. In certain areas, China has better judicial mechanisms to balance public interest, harmonize social order and actively and effectively respond calls from individuals or the mass; and judicial remedies somehow are more available and accessible to the people, whether individuals or corporations.

We are very experienced in dispute resolutions in term of Chinese judicial proceedings, whether civil or criminal matters. From case docketing, pleading drafting, evidence collection, evidence exchange, to court appearance, final closing statement, we are familiar with every detail of court procedures. We help clients prepare and plan proper litigation strategies in handling all kind of legal issues, whether simple or complex. Through thorough legal research, collection, and evaluation of evidence, narrowing down key legal issues, careful preparation of arguments, we find balance point to reach best result for clients in each single case.

China is a large country. Each province sometimes has its own culture and tradition that might impact the judicial practice. Many provinces/regions have its local rules in virtual of specific regulatory matters. The regional difference might influence the way of judicial practice and interpretation of law. Although we are recognized to practice law all around China, practically we always work with local attorneys to handle the litigation cases whenever local support has become necessary to achieve the best outcome and to protect the best interest of our clients. Our branches throughout China help us to balance the needs from local resources so there are local legal experts to support each case.

For all legal matters related to dispute resolution, we help clients:

Dispute counselling;

Drafting lawyer’s letter;

Negotiation prior to legal proceedings;

Evidence collection and preparation;

Document drafting for court proceedings;

Evidence exchange;

Reconciliation for the dispute;

Courtroom argument and representation;

Appeal or judicial review proceedings;

Enforcement of domestic judgment and arbitration awards;

Recognition and enforcement of International arbitration award;

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments.

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