1. What is CLRMP?

CLRMP means China Legal Risk Management Program created by Zhan Law Office. The purpose of CLRMP is to help small to medium size businesses to access professional legal consulting services from licensed China law attorneys.

2. How CLRMP works?

Subject to terms and conditions set forth under CLRMP Participation Agreement, CLRMP is provided in form of advisory service by answering inquiries from Participants in China related legal issues, such as China trade policies, corporate law, IP laws, employment, immigration, regulatory compliance, and other legal issues under the environment of China law and international law.

3. What are included in CLRMP?

CLRMP is a policy advisory service by reviewing issues and providing advice for specific matters related to a Participant’s China related business operation. Therefore, it does not include the services such as reviewing complex documents for large projects, providing formal legal opinion, complex research or transaction projects, contract or other document drafting, business or DD investigation, business establishment, litigation, judgment enforcement, etc. However, we do our homework to make sure our advice is as accurate and professional as possible in term of China law issues.

4. How CLRMP services are delivered?

CLRMP services are delivered mainly through email communications as well as phone consultation if appointment has been set up.

All CLRMP services are delivered by licensed China law professionals from Zhan Law Office or through its home offices or professional connections in China.

5. Who are qualified to participate in CLRMP?

CLRMP is created for the small or medium size businesses, therefore only small and medium size businesses are qualified to participate in defined program. Be noted, CLRMP does not follow SBA’s definition of small/medium size business, but has its own definition by measuring possible work load of legal advisory services. To define whether you are small or medium size business within CLRMP definition, please go to our website to fill the questionnaire and send to us.

Chambers, partnerships, economic development authorities and other entities with small/medium business members can also participate in CLRMP under Organization Participant Category or special arrangement made between Zhan Law Office and organizations.

8. How to participate in CLRMP?

Please go to our website to fill a Questionnaire. After we have received your Questionnaire, we will put you into proper category. Through discussion, if you agree with our arrangement based on possible workload predetermined based on the Questionnaire, you will receive CLRMP Participation Agreement for your signing.

9. What is the pricing range for participating in CLRMP?

Depending on the size of your business or your organization, our proposal pricing now is about $200 – $500/ month for individual business and $1000 - $3000/month for organizations with large individual business members. We may provide member discount to those organizations who themselves do not want to participate but are willing to facilitate their individual member to get into the program.

Current pricing range is tentative. We will review the pricing periodically to determine and adjust the price based on workload we have experienced.

10. When CLRMP services become effective or expired?

We typically set CLRMP Participation Term for one year. After each term, we will review the work we have provided to the Participant and determine the extension.

CLRMP services become effective after the Participant has signed CLRMP Participation Agreement and the first monthly payment of Participation Fees has been made. It is expired at the last day of Participation Term.

11. Can Participant withdraw from CLRMP in the middle of services?

Yes, the Participant can withdraw the CLRMP in the middle of services, as long as a written notice has been delivered to us at least 15 days prior to the next billing term. The withdrawal will become effective at the last day of the service month that has been paid.

If a Participant has paid the Annual Participation Fees, he can still withdraw from the CLRMP. However, the refund will only be made by deducting total used monthly services calculated based on monthly rate applicable to the Participant, if a discount has been offered to the Participant due to the fact that he had optioned to pay Annual Participation Fees.

12. What if a Participant needs additional services out of CLRMP?

If a Participant needs additional China law services out of CLRMP, the quote will be sent to the Participant at request. A discounted service rate will be offered by us for appreciation of the Participant’s participation of CLRMP.

6. Our company is not qualified as small/medium size business according to its definition in CLRMP, could we still participate in?

We welcome any business or organization to participate in our CLRMP or expanded program based on actual needs of the business as long as agreed working scope has been reached between the Participant and us. Our purpose is to help people to understand China law while they are exploring trememdous potentials of China market under China’s opening up policies.

7. My company is not located in either US or China, can we participate in CLRMP?

Definitely yes, as long as you speak either Chinese or English and have China related business. We do have tremendous experience in advising worldwide clients for any China law related matters.

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