International Business Transactions

As each industry sector exploits economic growth potentials goes deeper and faster, Chinese government has tightened its industrial regulations in many areas. More rules are issued for regulatory compliance to increase quality, standards, safety and security. International businesses will need to follow faster regulatory changes in China when they have transactions related to China market. At the same time, Chinese businesses have become more mature and sophisticated in term of choosing business partners, considering investment opportunities and profitability of each transaction. There are increased sensitives and consciousness in following rules of law to do any business in China.

Our international business transaction practice is deeply rooted in China. With many branches located in major cities around China, we sense national and regional policy changes by following guidance, practice and sometimes political insights. We provide our professional advice to clients for international transaction matters because we are China law experts in trade policies, industry regulations, import and export control, intellectual property rights, product liability, cooperate governance, labor issues, unfair competition, anti-monopoly, foreign exchange policies…We help clients to plan, construct and complete complex international transactions as long as the matters are related to China market.

Through team work and integrated efforts, we help clients to oversee the following international business transactions:

Cross-border mergers and acquisitions;

Joint venture negotiation, structuring and document drafting;

Setting up wholly foreign owned companies;

Restructuring of joint ventures or foreign wholly owned business;

Setting up franchising, company branches or representative offices;

Setting up free-trade zone business operation;

Contract drafting for international transactions;

Fair competition or monopoly policy assessment, review, and representation;

Licensing and technology transfer and trade secret protection;

Trademarks and copyrights registration and protections;

Export and import controls;

Representation for international disputes in Chinese courts or arbitration tribunals;

Representation for governmental proceedings.

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