Mergers & Acquisitions

As a common strategy to quickly transplant business operation in a new market, take advantage of available resources from the targeted company, many international businesses select to merge or acquire a local business in China as vehicle to faster and effectively localize its operation in the new market.

For many international businesses, China market has been regarded as a high potential market for new growth. But China has its unique legal system, culture, and business environment. Getting into China market must face many challenges that international investors have never encountered before. Using M&A strategy to penetrate China market has been a recommended way as it has many advantages helping international businesses get into the new market. We represent our clients in M&A project related to China market. Our practice experience and understanding of local market and industry, team support from local offices are best resources and assets for our clients whenever and wherever they need our legal assistance for any M&A project. We provide sophisticated but practical advice that helps clients in executing business strategies and achieving business objectives.

Each merger & acquisition project involves many perspectives of law that need to comply. To help clients successfully complete M&A process, we organize a team of seasoned legal professionals with expertise in industry regulations, anti-monopoly and unfair competition practice, trade policies, securities and financing, banking, corporate governance, real estate, environmental policies, IPRs, employment, taxation, to provide solution-oriented advice and services to the clients.

For M&A projects, we detail our services as:

Due diligence investigations;

Policy advice and consulting;

Risk Assessment and scheme design;

Document preparation and negotiations;

Joint venture negotiations, structuring, or arrangements;

Formation and operation of strategic alliances;

Private company buying and selling;

Public company mergers and takeovers;

Acquisition financing;

Permission, filing and governmental approval;

Corporate organization and governance;

Employment arrangement and incentive;

Intellectual property rights registration and transfer;

Closing and reorganization.

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