Decades of reform and the long process involved with opening China's economy has transformed China's original goal of getting rid of poverty and improving basic living standards into becoming the second largest economy in the world. The history of China’s development has proved China’s rise is not just a fluke, but an economic miracle and today’s reality... Read More


A common strategy to quickly transplant business operation in a new market and take advantage of available resources from the targeted company, is to merge or acquire a local business in China as vehicle to faster and more effectively localize its operation in the new market... Read More


As each industry sector exploits economic growth potential deeper and faster, the Chinese government has tightened its industrial regulations in many areas. More rules have been promulgated to improve quality, safety and security standards for purpose of regulatory compliance... Read More


Globalization has not just been a progress but a fact. Industrialization in emerging markets, global sourcing shifting, and manufacturing relocation have become a trend and global phenomenon. Ignoring these facts could be a big mistake for businesses in international supply chain... Read More


Intellectual property rights are important assets of a company. Both preliminary protection and post actions against any IP infringement are important to avoid loss or other unnecessary issues when these assets “appear” in another jurisdiction. Like many other countries, China has a set of comprehensive regulations and mechanisms to protect IP... Read More


Like other jurisdictions, most litigation cases in China end up at the appellate courts. Many people see Chinese judicial system very different from others, because it is influenced by China’s political system and ideology. We see China as a country that is more willing to learn, take over, absorb, and apply other countries’ legal essence... Read More


In addition to services we introduce throughout this website, as a matter of fact, we are a full-service firm in term of China law practice. Our full services are provided through the team in China office and our professional network... Read More

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