Discover the Values of Zhan Law Office

Client First

We put our clients’ interest first. We provide preliminary advice and analysis before they go deep to explore the market and opportunities in China. We explain what is possible and what is not possible.

Professional Excellence

We do thorough research and analysis of all possible legal issues when providing our professional services to the clients. We input 100% efforts to help our clients to reach their business goal in the new market.

High Standards

We are licensed to practice China law both in China and in the U.S. We follow both nations’ professional and ethical standards to offer our professional services to the clients.

Understand Business

With experience in legal industry and international business, we understand profit and long-term objectives are the primary goal of each business. We put business thinking first when we are helping clients to search for practical and effective legal solutions.

China Network

We have home offices in China to support our practice. Our network provides additional supports to our clients. We understand “China insights” are important for international business to be successful in China market.

New & Notable

Discover trends of China law through latest blog discussions.

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