Zhan Law Office, based in both the U.S. and in China, is focused on helping American clients navigate the Chinese legal system. We have decades of experience providing professional advice and innovative legal solutions for domestic and international clients. Tapping into our deep roots across China, our professional network provides full Chinese law services and covers almost any legal matter arising from any circumstance.

China is the fastest growing economy in the world and a hot spot for international business seeking bigger opportunities. Fast changes in the domestic economy, society and life style have created new issues and new challenges to all businesses in China. Legal issues in China have become more and more complex. Without a deep understanding of its judicial and governmental practices, political system, business culture and social development, breaking into China market is difficult and challenging for many international businesses. With our international experience, knowledge and legal practice background, we can help clients overcome both legal and cultural barriers.

Our services start by listening closely in order to understand the clients’ business, corporate culture, and business objectives. Our goal is to be a fierce ally for businesses that are looking for the best expansion strategies to get into China market. We help clients analyze and understand the regulatory requirements, cultural environment, and market situations. Our practical experience, comprehensive knowledge of Chinese law, and deep understanding of Chinese business culture, can immediately start resolving critical legal issues and help clients to explore the new markets.

We distinguish our services from others because we are a “local” and a “direct” representer of our clients’ needs in or with China. We represent legal matters arising out of cross-border transactions between China and US, including litigation and non-litigation matters.

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