PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE. We are a team of veteran professionals with decades of experience in serving international clients. We do thorough research and analysis on all possible legal issues when providing professional advice to our clients. We see each legal matter as not isolated problem but interrelated with many different aspects of law. We are totally dedicated to help our clients to see through legal issues when accessing the China market.

UNDERSTAND BUSINESS. With experience in both legal industry and supply chain, international investment, we understand cost and profit, and long-term objectives are the primary goal of each business. We put business thinking first while helping clients search for practical and effective legal solutions.

YOUR DIRECTOR RESOURCES. We are licensed attorneys in both China and the US in Chinese law practice. We are your direct resources to access China legal assistance and have full authorization from Chinese government to represent clients in matters of policy advising, regulatory compliance and dispute resolutions before governmental agencies and judicial branches.


CHINA CONNECTIONS. We have the full support from our home offices in China. In addition, we are part of a large professional network in China, through which our knowledge about China has been constantly updated. We understand “China insights” are important for international businesses who are seeking for accessing China market successfully.

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