Nick Jinying Zhan

Attorney at Law, Foreign Legal Consultant


Nick Jinying Zhan is a Chinese attorney licensed to practice law in China. He is also licensed to practice China law as a Foreign Legal Consultant in State of Iowa, United States.

Nick was a former district judge in Xiamen, China and is very familiar with China’s court rules and judicial practice in both civil and criminal proceedings. Through his experience as a district judge, he has deep understanding of entangled connections between Chinese government and judicial system. Nick’s experience in litigation matters includes providing constructive and sophisticated dispute resolutions and litigation strategies, protecting and defending his clients’ interest. His experience in courtroom helps him to achieve high winning rate for all litigations that he has participated in, whether in China and in the U.S.


Nick started his private practice in Guangzhou since 2002. In addition to his judicial practice background, his practice focus includes FDI, M&A, financial and securities market, corporate, business transactions, international trade, fair competition, employment, immigration. Nick is a detail-minded practitioner who can carry his legal knowledge and business experience into tiny legal issues that could bring big impact to the outcome of clients’ litigation cases and business planning. His experience in IT technology, international trade, business management, world view of globalization and geopolitics and international education background has brought his eastern wisdom into the professional career. Over the years, Nick has provided sophisticated and practical solutions for his clients that have launched them into China market in many different situations. His international clients include those from U.S., Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Canada, Latvia, Singapore, Hong Kong. The industries that Nick has served include banking and insurance, infrastructure, manufacturing, entertainment, sports, trading, IT, and many others.


Since 2016, Nick has started his China law practice in the U.S. His knowledge in international and comparative law, judicial and private practice experience in China, working history and business management experience in U.S. as well as his professional network in China, are best assets for his clients in terms of cross-border transactions between China and the U.S.


Nick has permanent residential status and has lived in U.S. since 2008. He actively attends international events organized in the community, participates in cultural exchange programs and discussions. This helps him to gain good understanding where the issues exist in cross-border transactions. He carries on conversation well with people from different culture and religious backgrounds.


Jinying Zhan

LLB, Xiamen University, 1995
LLM, Groningen University, 2002

LLM, University of Iowa, 2010


Bar Admittance: 03/2001

Judge Qualification: 04/2000





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